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Thursday 18 March 2021

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Virtua l Room 5


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Opening Session


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Keynote Speaker

Dr. David Newby,

Graz University, Austria

Teaching grammar in the 21st century: a Cognitive-Communicative approach

Friday 19 March 2021

01:00pm - 02:25pm Local Time

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Student motivation

Technology-based teaching and learning

Teaching language skills and subskills

Teaching approaches and classroom practices

Rana Khan


Motivating Students Intrinsically Through ESP and Integration of Academic and Professional Skills in EMI Context

Maisa Obeid


Tips for Creating Accessible Course Materials

Ghada Al Murshidi (UAE)

Innovative Pedagogical Approaches in Teaching Students Literacy in Higher Education

Bothaina Eisa (Egypt)

Approaches to the Teaching of Shakespearean Drama at University

Soad Mizher (KSA)

Curate, Organize and ride the Wave with Wakelet

Peter Davidson


Accommodating Students of Determination in the Classroom and During Assessment

Mutaib Alotaibi (KSA)

Three Effective steps for Teaching Writing Skills to Novice Arab Learners of English

Zainab Aldhanhani (UAE)

Oral Reading Fluency: An Investigation of Reading-aloud Strategies in Private Schools in the UAE.

Juwaeriah Siddiqui (UAE)

Exploring Attractor States that Impact Motivation among L2 Learners of Arabic in UAE.

Ouarda Khouni & Amany Alsabbagh (UAE)

Using Audiobooks to Assist Foreign Language Struggling Readers

Hedieh Najafi & Winona Smith


Practical Tips for IELTS Reading

Eric Hagley (Australia/Japan)

Internationalize your class room with online exchange

Omer Salama Idris


The positive Impact of psychological and technical skills on online teaching

Olga Samsonova


Higher Education Students' Experience of Distance Learning During COVID-19

Ahlam Alshehri


Motivating Writing Ideas...

Nazanin Dehdary (Oman)

From Reading for Comprehension to Reading for Transformation

Fawzia Al Ghamdi


Design Thinking for Promoting Students' Creativity


Vasila Al Khaldi & Maisa El Gamal


Tailoring Assignments to Meet Individual’s Languages of Learning

Friday 19 March 2021

02:30pm - 03:55pm | Local Time

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Classroom based research and research-based teaching

Teacher education and professional development



Adult and early childhood language learning

Ali Shehadeh (UAE)

Cooperative Language Learning in the L2 Classroom: From Conceptualization to Implementation and Back

Kara McKeown &

Jenny Eppard (UAE)

An investigation into expat faculty and home students’ expectations of a higher education learning environment.

Peter Davidson (UAE)

What every teacher should know about Learning-Oriented Assessment

Ranjani Ramnath (UAE)

Learning the Script of Mother Tongue as an Adult: A Comparative Auto-Ethnographic Study

Hisham Al Blushi

& Saif Al Yarabi (Oman)

Students-teachers’ perspectives in bridging students' writing gap in EFL

Mahmoud Nafa (UAE)

Reading Comprehension Texts Exploitation Strategies

Jason Thompson


A language test cycle: the development of a speaking test

Negmeldin Alsheikh & Shaikha Saeed (UAE)

An Exploration of Emirati Parents’ Involvement in their Children’s English Reading

Suhair Al Alami & Anjum Azeez (UAE)

Intercultural Exchange Projects in the Twenty-First Century: Points to Ponder

Lama Mahmoud

& Rima Al Chaar (UAE)

Unleashing the Power of Drawing-Assisted Writing Activity

Evelina Johansson (Sweden)

Teachers’ experiences with higher-order thinking assessment in online EFL courses

Bernadette Fakhry & and Negmeldin Alsheikh


The Contextual Features of a Virtual Library as Multimodal and Multiliteracies Site for Learning

Christine Coombe


Classroom Management: Empirical and Practical Perspectives

Jennifer Law (UAE)

Aproaches to teacher professional development that promote diversification and equality in teaching and learning

Negmeldin, Maha Alhabbash, Najah Al Mohammedi &

Safa Alothali (UAE)

Contesting National and International Standardized English Languages Tests on Test Specification

Sanja Ivanovic (UAE)

Learner Passport as a Self-assessment Tool for Fostering Learner Autonomy among Young Learners


Abdulaziz Alenazi (KSA)

Demotivation Among ESL Teachers: Reducing Barriers to Quality Education

Yamen Dridi


The Role of Effective Feedback on Developing Autonomous Writers

Mais Ahmed & Negmeldin Alsheikh


Falling through the Cracks: Transfer-students and English Language Competency Dilemma


Friday 19 March 2021

04:00pm - 05:25pm | Local Time

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استخدام التكنولوجيا الحديثة في تدريس اللغة العربية

Technology-based teaching and learning

Teaching language skills and subskills

Teaching approaches and classroom practices

رحاب محمد الشافعي


أثر الألعاب الرقمية في تنمية مهارات النضح الاليكتروني لدى طفل الروضة

Mary Helen Lanaghan & Omar Hachemi (UAE)

A 21st Century Project: Connecting Online and in the Field

Jaime Buchanan

& Tony Myers (UAE)

Rethinking definitions of student-centred learning in the Gulf: Reading to Learn in Higher Education

Erna Grcic (UAE)

Who’s Afraid of Reading Poetry: Exploring Active Approaches in Teaching Poetic Texts

Roweena Belal


جمع ونظم مصادرك باستخدام أداة ويكليت

Rania Jabr (Egypt)

Lifelong learning via digital literacy tool and skills

Telma Steinhagen & Andrea Mayr


“Make Reading Great Again": Introducing Active Reading Strategies across Curricula

Huda Al Shareef


Creative Thinking, a Way of Successful Teaching

Ashraf Alrassoul  (الإمارات)

أثر استخدام الأيباد والتطبيقات الإلكترونية كوسيلة تعليمية لمادة القراءة في الصف الدراسي: دراسة حالة على طلاب الصف الأول

Ruqaiya Al Balushi (Oman)

EFL School Teachers’ Integration of Technology in the Language Classroom: Findings from Action Research

Assel Tukhtabayeva (Kazakhastan)

Touristic discourse: Strategies and difficulties in translating touristic texts

Rawan Al Ruwaili


Using drama in teaching English: a holistic approach

محمود الغزاوي

اثر تقنيات التكنولوجيا الرقمية ووسائل الاتصالات الالكترونية في تعلم اللغة العربية

Amel Benaissa (Algeria)

The Use of Online Quizlets and Digital Flashcards to Enhance Students’ Cognitive Skills

Sophie Thompson & Emma Marsden (UK)

Teaching learners to process morphosyntactic cues: Active and passive voice in second language English

Dahlia Aboulmaaty (KSA)

Instructor's Creativity to Motivate their Learners: Focusing on Vocabulary

ميساء عبيد


إنشاء موارد تعليمية سهلة الوصول لجميع الطلبة


Sally Ali (Egypt)

Strategies for Developing Students’ Listening Skills

Inas Kotby (Egypt)

Recipe to Maximise Motivation and Stimulate Creativity

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Keynote Speaker

Professor Doreen Ewert

University of San Francisco, USA

Extensive Reading: Maximizing Opportunities for Implicit Learning

Saturday 20 March 2021

UAE Time

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Local Time

Keynote Speaker

Ali Al-Issa

Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

Preparing “Professional” Teachers for an Ideologically Conflicting ELT

02:00pm - 03:25pm |Local Time

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قضايا تربوية حول تعليم اللغة العربية

Teacher education and professional development

Globalization and bilingualism

Teaching approaches and classroom practices

عروبة المحيسن


اثر استراتيجية لعب الأدوار على تنمية مهارة المحادثة في مبحث اللغة العربية لدى طلبة المرحلة الأساسية

Anna Hasper (UAE)

Grammar Range and Accuracy: achieving higher IELTS band scores

Carina Rasse (Austria) Idiomatic Mastery in a Second Language: The Role of Conceptual Metaphors

Connie Mitchell (KSA)

Students Learn Research Strategies Using Discourse Analysis

هالة محمد أحمد


مهارات المعرفة القرائية: الواقع والمأمول

Anna Hasper (UAE)

Research to Action: new tools for IELTS teachers and students

Glenda El Gamal (UAE)

Building Intercultural Competence: A Phenomenonological Investigation of UAE Engineering Students' Intercultural Experience

Summer Loomis (UAE)

Case Study: Classroom Observation of Three Arabic Class Sessions

نفله الاحبابي


إشكاليات تدريس اللغة العربية بين الواقع وسياق العولمة

Sophie Thompson

& Inge Alferink (UK)

Using OASIS summaries to facilitate a dialogue between research and pedagogy

Abdelhamid Bessaid (KSA)

Language Conflict in Algeria, Arabic vs French: A Linguistic Overview.

Zakaria Mahmoud (KSA)

Building Spoken Fluency

غادة الجشعم


أثر التواصل الفعّال مع أولياء الأمور عبر أنشطة التعلم على تطوير الكتابة الوظيفية في التعليم الأساسي

Christine coombe, Lana Hiasat & Nadia Kettell (UAE)

Resource Development for English Language Teacher’s Research Readiness

Bouchra Kachoub (UAE)

English vs Arabic Use in School and the Workplace: The Case of Abu Dhabi

Majed Alharbi & Abdul Rahman Alqifari (KSA)

L2 Arab Writers’ Voices and Institutional Practices

صلاح الدين أحمد دراوشة(الإمارات)

اختبار تحديد المستوى في اللغة العربية للطّلبة الملتحقين بمؤسّسات التّعليم العالي: الماهية والخصائص والتصميم

Salah Mohammed Elhassan (Oman)

Making sense of Advice in Post-Lesson Conferences During Teaching in Teacher Education

Sarah Hopkyns & Wafa Zoghbor (UAE)

Translingual practices as a source of empowerment in Emirati higher education

Ghadha Alnasser (KSA)

The Impact of Interaction between Teachers Written Feedback Practices and Students Processing

Saturday 20 March 2021

03:30pm - 04:55pm | Local Time

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Panel 02B

Panel 03C

Panel 014

التحدث بالعربية: الاحتواء وإثارة الدافعية

Technology-based teaching

Teaching language skills and subskills

Curriculum Development

بشرى النقبي


إمتاع يعقبه إبداع - إثارة دافعية الطلبة

Yahya Al Khoudari (Canada)

The Impact of Utilizing Technology on Students’ Communication Skills

Larysa Nikolaeva (UAE)

Reader Response to Text Adaptation: A Study of Female Emirati Undergraduate Students

Reema Qarallah (Jordan)

Let the end be your start! ESP curriculum development.

محمد سلامي


بعض المفاهيم السيميائية ودورها في بناء الوعي النقدي لدى متعلم اللغة العربية

Babikir Siddig (Oman)

Social Media in Teaching of Languages

Mohamed Aboulela (Egypt)

FlaxIt: Teaching Academic Collocations

Safaa Abdalla Eissa (KSA)

TEFL Student-teachers as Curriculum Co-authors: A case Study of Curriculum developers and implementers

نورة الحمادي


قرأت لكم: تعزيز ثقافة القراءة من خلال التوثيق ومشاركة الاقتباسات

Syed Adil (India)

Rebuilding the Attention Span and Focus in EFL/ESL Classrooms in the Perspective of Digital Environment

MUhammedali Chalikandy (India)

Should we Teach Grammar in EFL Classrooms? Teachers’ Beliefs

Omar Al Sawafi (Oman)

The Inconsistency Between Teachers’ Stated Beliefs about Implementation of ELT Innovations and Their Actual Practices

سناء المجايدة (الإمارات)

حرية الاختيار في صف اللغة العربية الجامعي

Soad Essam Mizher (KSA)

Amplifying Students’ Voice with Flipgrid and Skype in the Classroom

Ahmad Masrai (KSA)

Is it phonological or orthographic vocabulary size that predict processing speed of L2 written texts?

Arwa Aldawood & Fatimah Almeshari (KSA)

Effects of Learning Culture on English-Language Learning for Saudi EFL Students

خديجة الحميد


جمالياتُ التواصلِ بالعربيةِ: تعبيراتُ التلطُّفِ نموذجًا


Nadine Jaafarawi (UAE)

Enhancing UAE students’ Reading Comprehension Through a Task-Based Approach

Alla Savelyeva (Azerbaijan)

Implementing project-based language learning in first-year writing: Benefits and challenges

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Virtual Room 5


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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Mario Moya,

University of Easts London, UK

Using Linguistically Appropriate Practice in Language Teaching and Learning


Local Time

Closing remarks