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The Organizing Committee of ALLT 2021, to be held online on 18th - 20th March 2021, invites proposals for presentation in areas relevant to the conference theme, Engaging in Change: New Perspectives of Teaching and Learning, including but not limited to:

  • Teaching/Learning Language Skills
  • Teaching/Learning language sub-skills
  • Globalization and Language Teaching
  • Teacher education and professional development
  • Classroom-based Research and research-based teaching
  • Adult language learning
  • Early Childhood language learning
  • Teaching approaches and classroom practices
  • Curriculum development
  • Technology-based teaching and learning
  • Task-based learning
  • Language assessment
  • Student motivation
  • World Englishes and language teaching / learning
  • Bilingualism and multilingualism
  • CLIL (Content and Language Integrated learning)
  • Positive Psychology in language education
  • Design thinking and learning

Presentation Methods

  • Oral Presentation (30 mins)
  • Poster Session (60 mins)
  • Workshop / training (60 mins)