Category Hotel Room Type Single Room Per Night Double Room Per Night Distance from the Conference Venue
4 star Premier Inn Silicon Oasis Standard Room AED 385 AED 440 8 kms, 9 mins drive
4 star Radisson Blu Silicon Oasis Studio Room AED 485 AED 535 7 kms, 8 mins drive
5 star Roda Al Bustan Hotel Classic Room AED 645 AED 695 25 kms, 22 mins drive


  • Hotel rooms are booked on a first come first serve basis. To guarantee a hotel reservation, a compulsory deposit covering your entire stay must be paid by bank transfer or will be charged to your credit card. Bookings will be subject to availability only at the time of reservation.
  • For your convenience all hotel rates include Buffet Breakfast, 10% municipality fee, 10% service charge and Tourism Fee.
  • Hotel Check in: 15.00 hrs; Check out: 12.00 hrs. In case of early check in, we would kindly request you to pre-book your room to one night prior.
  • Please note that the deadline for guaranteed room reservations is 6th February 2019. Requests for room reservations after this deadline can only be handled upon availability and with credit card guarantee.

  • The above room rates are exclusive of 5% VAT.
  • Complimentary shuttle service will be provided from the hotels to conference venue and return.


By Metro


Trains run roughly every 10 minutes from Terminals 1 and 3. Services start 5.50am (5.30am on Thursday), and stop at midnight (1am on Thursday/Friday). Please note there is no service on Friday mornings and only starts at 1pm.


There are just two lines, making the network simple to use even for newcomers. Most stations have connecting buses and taxi ranks for onward travel. Most major hotels and tourist destinations are relatively close to a station.


You can buy your ticket at the airport stations. The cost depends on how many zones you travel, but is always extremely affordable.

Try the Nol card. It can be charged up with credit, and also gives you a discount on standard fares.

The front carriage on each train is 'gold class', for a small premium - kids will love the view through the driverless front window! There is also a carriage for women and children only.

By Taxi

Going from the airport

Follow the signs to the official taxi rank at each terminal, or ask our May I Help You team. The ranks are well organised, with taxis waiting 24/7.

There's an AED 25 flag charge from the airport. The charge for each km is AED 1.96.

Other taxis

Dubai Taxi Corporation offers a range of transportation choices for passengers, for more details visit their website.

Further to the above services UBER & CAREEM Taxis are widely available in Dubai.